Hi, I'm Darya Grishko,
creative designer from Moscow, specializing in branding.
  • UX & UI design
  • Web design
  • Branding & logotypes
  • Graphic design
  • Bachelor of design
  • More than 6 years of design experience
  • Worked as a graphic designer in «Shopping Live» TV-channel
  • Web designer in «Yves Rocher»

About me

Darya Grishko
Any story of success begins with a forward aspiration. My creative career began with the position of digital designer in the international company «Yves Rocher», which gave me an invaluable experience with large digital projects and all channel advertising campaigns. I also learnt to find an individual approach to colleagues, respect the deadlines and carefully follow the global trend of the brand that I represent.

The desire to expand the field of activity brought me beyond the cosmetic brand — into the field of TV shopping. Thanks to the first German TV shop in Russia, «Shopping Live». Now I have extensive experience in various areas of my professional activity: advertising online campaigns, print works, outdoor advertising, television broadcasts, launching new products, etc.

My professional credo is an aspiration forward — continuous self-development, training, consolidation of the obtained knowledge in practice. My main virtue is perseverance and methodical work. The success stories begin with an aspiration forward, but I think that only the ability to overcome difficulties despite everything allow you to reach it.


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